There are a variety of lace front wigs popular amongst women. These wigs are widely used to fulfil many purposes. One common reason is to add a pinch of style to your attire. Knowing which one to choose can be a hassle with different types of wigs available in...

DIY: Pretty Kitty Pumps

Hello my lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful week whatever you found yourselves up to! With moving back home to Ireland, getting settled...

Secrets to keeping your Teeth Whiter

Other than poor dental hygiene practices, your teeth may turn grey or yellow due to aging. You might see this as usual, but the...

Are You Wearing Your Crossbody Canvas Bags Right?

Crossbody canvas bags are very practical and stylish ways to carry the items that you need. They look like shoulder bags but with longer straps...

15 Blogger Problems

Hello my lovelies! What most don't realise before beginning a blog is how it can completely consume your life. Your experiences, be they big...
women clothes

5 Tips to Buy Amazing Women Clothes

We all love to look presentable. Well, there're different styles that make us presentable. Include: suede, wild, lady, Japanese style,  ethnic, European and American...
Chakras Jewelry

Impacts Of Wearing Chakras Jewelry In Your Life

People wear jewelry for various reasons. Although pieces of jewelry are worn for fashion purposes and the urge to look beautiful, there are other...
kitchen countertops

What is the best material for your kitchen countertops?

A countertop in the kitchen could improve the aesthetics of your cooking space, and let's not forget that it can also make it easy...

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