4 Ways to Get A Natural Headband Wig Style


Throughout history, wigs have been an essential element of the culture. Initially, they were worn for a variety of reasons, including religion, court, and prestige. Now that wigs are more fashionable than ever, you may have noticed many celebrities or individuals using them for aesthetic reasons. And how can one forget about the emerging headband wig style?

A headband wig is a wig that is linked to a headband and has the hair sewed onto a soft wig cap. The nicest part about these wigs is that they are worn in the back of the head, allowing you to alter your natural hair in the front. This is why they are referred to as half wigs. You may fix your hair with clips and adjustable straps at the back of the cap.

One of the most common issues individuals have with these types of wigs is that they struggle to make their headband wig style appear as natural as possible. However, you can effortlessly style your wig to look quite real with a few tips and tricks. This post will teach you the techniques you need to know about your headband wig style. So, let’s begin!

1. Selecting the Proper Headband Wig Style

The first step in making your headband wig look natural is to pick the right design. The wig should be a good match for your natural hair. Ask yourself, are you going to use your real hair as the basis? Do you want to show off a distinct style or a mash-up of several?

The style of your wig has a significant impact on the overall natural appearance. Therefore, you should take particular care when selecting one.

2. Take Accurate Measurements

To achieve a natural headband wig style, you must have the necessary head measurements. Because these wigs come in various forms and sizes, take exact measurements of your head to ensure you have the most flexibility with your wig.

This is a simple yet important step that influences how well the wig fits your head. If the measurements aren’t done correctly, the result may have several flaws.

3. Use Your Actual Hair as Foundation

Another important step in getting a natural look with your headband wig is ensuring that the wig is aligned properly with your natural hair. This is where the head measurements you took before will come in handy.

Headband wigs, which allow you to show off your natural hair, must be fashioned to minimize the difference between the wig and your hair. To achieve a realistic look, make sure your natural hair fits well with the headband wig.

4. Choosing the Right Color

It is critical to have a headband wig that matches the color of your actual hair to attain a natural look. If your hair isn’t fully black, it’s likely made up of different shades of the same color. If your wig is a solid color, it will stand out against your natural hair. To avoid this issue, be extremely cautious when choosing the proper wig color.

It is recommended that you select a wig with multiple shades of the same color to mix it with your real hair better. This will give you the desired natural headband wig style!

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