A Breakdown Of The Various Types Of Closure Wigs


A closure wig is a half wig. This means that it only covers the front of your head, from ear to ear. The rest of the head is left open. Closure wigs are common because they provide a natural look on the hairline section. They are an excellent type of wig for people who suffer from thinning edges and receding hairlines. In this post, we look at types of closure wigs.

Types of closure wigs

The market features various forms of closure wigs. They are categorized based on their size and construction. They can also be categorized based on their lengths and surfaces. Below are these categories;

1. Types of closure wigs based on the size

Below are types of closure wigs in this category:

a. 4×4 Lace Closure Wigs

This is a lace closure wig with a four-by-four-inch patch. The path is usually located in the middle and front part of the hairpiece. It does not cover your entire head, only the horseshow zone at the center of your head. The patch on the lace closure wig is designed to create the illusion of a scalp. This part of the wig can be made from silk or lace.

b. 6×6 lace closure wigs

This type of wig comes with a larger patch featuring six-by-six-inch measurements. They usually cover a larger part of the head. This element makes them move versatile as you can style them however you wish. For instance, you can style them in ponytails. Like the former, this type of wig can be made from silk or lace. It is ideal for people with recessing hairlines and thinning hair.

c. 5X5 closure wigs

They have a five-by-five-inch base. It covers most of the front and center. They are easier to style than their four-by-four counterparts.

2. Types of lace closure wigs based on the base material

The following are lace closure wigs in this category:

a. Silk base closures

These silk base closure wigs have a silk patch. They offer more styling options and come with individual strands, unlike other types on the market. They have a thick fabric that lasts for a long time. Despite their thickness, they also provide plenty of ventilation. This means that you can use them even in warm weather.

b. Monofilament closures

They are made with a mesh, which is applied in a single-strand method. They allow you to wear different hairstyles. Monofilament closures are suitable for people looking to achieve stiffer hairstyles like full bangs. This is because they can easily maintain their original shape. The mesh base improves its aesthetic appeal significantly.

c. Skin-polyurethane closure wigs

These wigs come in a thin and flexible silicone base. It creates the illusion of a natural scalp. The downside is that skin-polyurethane closure wigs are not as durable as the other types on this list. They are also not ideal for hot climates because the material does not allow air to flow.


Each of the types of closure wigs named above has its advantages and downsides. When choosing the best ones, it would be wise to consider the elements of each and how they meet your needs.

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