About Me

Hello, bonjour, hola, konichiwa! My name is Claire and I’m a designer of all things digital (graphic, animation, web, app etc). I’m a Studio Ghibli enthusiast, forever wishing we could all just live in a world full of Pokemon and if I could permanently holiday in Disneyland, I would. I began my grand adventure around a year ago when I left fair Ireland (Northern Ireland to be exact) and journeyed to Newcastle Upon Tyne to pursue university and discover myself. This blog is where I hope to share with you my thoughts, inspirations and general life musings. I like to think that I can be compared to a tin of sweets – that there’s something for everyone! So, please don’t hesitate to stop and say hello and I hope you enjoy your stay! Here’s a few random factoids about me…
I’m a university student in Newcastle Upon Tyne, studying Interactive Media Design, and am nearly at the end of my third and final year *eeeeep!*
I’m technically an only child, and was always quite lonely when I was growing up having no siblings to share experiences with. However, lo and behold, 10 years ago I got my wish when my dad remarried and my two sisters – Gillian and Jennifer – came into the world!
My favourite band in the whole wide world is 30 Seconds to Mars and a few years ago I actually accidentally featured in their music video for ‘Closer to the Edge.’
 Many people have intriguingly unique special talents like putting their legs behind their head, speaking exotic languages, being able to do a backflip etc but me on the other hand, I’m a bit weirder… I specialise in imitations! I can do the voice of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, most Pokemon characters, Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time, the list is endless!
I adore anything fox-related; I think they’re the most charming creatures ever. I even have a massive fox tattoo based on my thigh dedicated to my obsession (his name’s Felix).