Are Dumbbells Suitable for Beginners?


Dumbbells have slowly made their way up the gyming pool. They have become one of the most appreciated gyming equipment. They are especially appreciated since they can be used comfortably by members of all genders. This means that at whatever level of the gym experience one is at, the dumbbells can still be of use.

One just does not outgrow the dumbbells. Interestingly, the dumbbells were named after a part of an insect. Yea. The word “haltere” of Greek origin refers to a pair of club-shaped organs. These organs are usually located on the body of flying insects. They help the insects control their rotation. The word originally referred to a pair of weights held in the hand.

Origin and Meaning of Dumbbells

These “halteres” used at the time were used for weight lifting. They, however, were cruder forms of the dumbbells. They were majorly composed of stone. They weighed as low as 4 pounds and as high as 20 pounds (2kg to 9kg).

In every gym setting, it is impossible not to find at least a single pair of dumbbells. These pieces of equipment are so easy to use. This ease is evident in the fact that lots of people have and make use of them from the comfort of their rooms. The dumb-bell seems to be the gym equipment found in most homes (outside the gym).

Types of Dumbbells

There are various types of dumbbells. The type one chooses to use depends largely on what the workout regimen in question is. The various types of dumbbells could be classified into:

  1. Adjustable Dumbbells
  2. Fixed weight dumbbells

The fixed-weight dumbbells are somewhat cruder than the adjustable ones. They are usually made from cast iron or filled in with concrete. The adjustable ones on the other hand are much more improved. Their center portions are usually designed with crosshatching patterns. These assist in improving grip.

But the name “adjustable” comes from the fact that their weights can be altered as desired. One could stock as much weight as possible and desire on the dumb-bell. So for the adjustable dumbbells, one has to remove and add weights as one sees fit.

However, there are some other unofficial types such as the kids` dumb-bell.

Uses of Dumbbells

The most common use of the dumb-bell would be for exercising. They are essential in building the arm muscles. They could be comfortably used by beginners as well as pros.

The next use would be in physiotherapy. These dumbbells have made something of a name for themselves in this field of medicine. They assist in helping those with certain types of injuries build their strengths back up.

There are many more uses of the dumbbells. However, we will be outlining just these for this article.


So go right ahead and order that dumb-bell today. Depending on the purpose, there is an ideal dumb-bell. Whether for the kids or for personalized adult use, dumbbells are available. There are even some with interesting colors if one is tired of the monotonous metallic sheen.

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