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I received these products a while ago but because they don’t really go together they’ve been sitting, waiting to be written up.  The lip liner doesn’t match the lipstick and I wouldn’t usually use one with a lip gloss so I was at somewhat of a blogging cross roads but the products are so lovely I couldn’t not include them in my high end series so.. here they are..

Fly High is a creamy, opaque lilac shade I would never have chosen for myself but I actually love it. It smells unexpectedly minty and is ‘infused with vitamins and minerals’ which supposedly help the lips look fuller.. win! The packaging is also very cute with a little button release, it feels like an expensive lipstick.

Available online here for £16.00

 Exhilarated lip pencil is described as a warm rose pink but it’s a little more nude and deeper than I’d expect for ‘rose’. The packaging is not great, the product was loose in mine and so although I could twist it up and down it didn’t stay where I asked it to. ultimately unless you’re looking for a specific shade you can’t find at the drugstore I don’t think it’s worth splurging on a lip liner, this is nothing special.

Available online for £13.00

Trail Blazer is a semi-opaque nude gloss with a golden glitter running through it. Although I like the lilac as a change of pace this is much more me and i think suits me skin tone better.. definitely one that will make it in to regular rotation and not only does this have the same minty scent it has a tingling sensation and again a plumping effect.

Available online for £16.00

I would love to try a matching set of these in a bolder shade like Risk it All but that’s it for my Marvellous Moxie rundown. Which shade combination do you like best?


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