Basic Facts About Locket Necklaces


Lockets are mostly pendants hanging from a chain, and most can open, creating room for the placement of an item. The necklaces would make good gift pieces for your friends or loved ones during a special occasion or have one for personal use. Locket necklaces can be personalized to your preference to match your style and carry with it a special meaning. Jewellery dealers like Bildkette specialize in customization, and you can get your locket necklaces created at affordable prices. In this extract, we discuss the basic facts about locket necklaces.

Basic Facts About Locket Necklaces

Locket necklaces are a must-have in your collection. They are stylish and can be designed to have sentimental value. Their importance varies based on the wearer or owner or the item inside it. We look at the uses of locket necklaces and ideal places to use them.

1. Uses of Locket Necklaces

They are used for several reasons, but we will name just a few.

a. Carry Something Close to the Heart

Most locket necklaces are known to hold keepsakes with important meanings inside. Examples include a photo of a loved one whose presence you want close to you always or a family ring. The lockets are often heart-shaped, similar to that of the heart, which describes love.

b. To Carry Practical Items

Practical things include the everyday items you use like medicine, perfume squares, breath sweets, oil diffuser, and much more. They remain hidden inside the locket, and as long as it’s not transparent, no one would know they are in there. Most of these items are essential, like the perfume squares which produce a nice smell make you smell nice all day hence need to be carried along.

c. To Carry Something Important

Most people have jewelry storage areas. Putting something essential that you don’t want to lose in a locket necklace ensures it’s safe. Also, when moving from place to place, you can place something like a paper with a prayer or favorite song in the locket or have it engraved and see it anytime.

2. Ideal Places to Use Locket Necklaces

There are many occasions where jewelry is given as a gift to give meaning and value to what is currently going on. Such events include birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, farewell parties, and so on.

For anniversary events like a marriage celebration, you can gift a locket necklace to a couple that has a picture of them or engraved with the date of their union or their names. The locket can also be designed in a specific color like gold or silver to symbolize their years of marriage.

You can do this for birthdays to help the person remember that special day by looking at the chain.

For funeral purposes, the locket may have a picture of the lost loved one to help the recipient know that they are always close to them. A locket necklace for a family member whose traveling abroad can have a photo of the family home or people as a sign that they are always with them.


You can choose to have a plain or custom-made locket depending on your preference. However, personalized lockets have more sentimental and monetary value and indicate love, high quality, and stylishness when given to someone. Choose the one that best suits you and matches your style.

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