Common Styles For Deep Wave Hair For You


The hair extensions market is one of the most thriving industries in existence. This is primarily because of the increase in the application of weaves, extensions, wigs, and other hair products. The market currently features a wide range of hair products. Some of them are categorized based on the type of wave they have, like deep wave bundles. Deep wave hair bundles contain tight curls. This post focuses on styling deep wave hair.

Styles for your deep wave hair

Below are some incredible ways you can style your deep wave hair;

1. Wet deep wave hair

One of the most common ways of styling deep wave hair is the wet hairstyle. Below is a guide for how you can achieve this hairstyle with a deep wave weave or wig;

  • Start by saturating your deep wave with the water. Doing this will help activate the curls. Ensure that the hair is soaked and dripping. You can do this by dipping your hair in a bucket of water. You can also wash your hair before styling it. Note that this is the most crucial step in this styling process.
  • The next step is to separate the wet deep wave hair into at least four parts. You can do six parts if the hair volume is high.
  • After separating the hair into equal parts, the next step is to apply moisturizer to each part. Ensure to be generous with the moisturizer, and each section is completely covered.
  • After correctly moisturizing the deep wave hair, the next part of the process is to oil each section with a hair oil of your liking. However, ensure that the hair oil is suitable for the type of hair you are working with.
  • Proceed to brush each section, set it down, and then dry on a wig stand without dividing it. Allowing it to dry completely will leave it looking wet, shiny, and highly appealing. The deep waves will also set in neatly.

2. Styling it according to its natural pattern

Another way you can style your deep wave hair bundle is by letting it fall into its natural pattern. You can do this by allowing it to set without introducing it to water or applying any products to it for the first couple of weeks after its installation. This will help it fall into its natural pattern properly before you can start combing it. When you want to wear it, you can apply a bit of oil to improve its texture.

Factors to consider when styling your deep wave hair bundle

The following are a few things you may want to consider when styling your deep wave hair;

  • Your needs
  • The occasion
  • The type of hair used to make the bundle
  • The age of your deep wave hair (since older deep wave hairs tend to lose their deep curls)
  • The length of the deep wave hair


One of the most significant challenges with deep wave hair is losing its curls over time. The curls usually start becoming loose, and with time, they may disappear entirely. You can prevent this from happening by practicing proper hair care and maintenance. You can also apply special hair oils to help lock the curls.

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