Contemporary Bathroom Vanity and What You Should Know About It


Bathroom remodels are a fun project. This is especially when it comes to selecting the vanity, which is the focal point of your space. You really want to ensure that you choose a perfect model that ideally suits your tastes better. The vanity should as well satisfy your theme at home. If you intend to go the contemporary way, then you need to select perfect vanity. Take some time to research some of the best vanities in the market. This should be your starting point. In this blog post, by Bathroom Vanities Sydney, we shall look at a few examples of contemporary bathroom vanity. 

Let us dive in;

The Modern Marble

The modern marble contemporary vanity is an ideal option for people with exquisite styles. It has a clean and crisp appearance that will never go out of style. The current modern style bath vanity design is available in various options, including single basin, double basin, slanted sinks, and pearl white marbles.

Contemporary marbles are capable of complementing every color on the marker. This makes it a perfect choice for people who enjoy switching up their bath towels as well as other accessories. Best of all, this type of bathroom vanity is pretty easy to clean as well as maintain. You only need to invest in a mild cleanser and polishing powder.


Free Standing Vanities

A free-standing vanity is an ideal choice for those with limited space in their bathrooms but aspires to incorporate modern style. Free-standing vanities have four legs that often allow the bottom of the vanity to remain off your floor. This looks good in many ways because it allows for the easy cleaning of hard-to-reach features of the vanity. Although the vanity tops on the single vanities are slightly smaller as compared to double tops, you still have enough room for the ceramic soap dishes and toothbrush holders.


Vessel Sink Vanities

Vessel sink vanities provide users with modern conveniences combined with an ideal touch of charm. Vessel sinks are also versatile-they can easily be paired with any vanity top such as marble, tile, and wood, coupled with stone. The sinks come in various types of materials, including copper, vitreous china, and porcelain. When paired with a modernly styled such as a fixture and waterfall sink, then you get your small mini-spa.  

Glass Top Vanities

Glass-top vanities transform a standard bathroom into a viably elegant space. The tempered glass vividly creates a refreshing ambiance coupled with a modern vibe that looks like a spa. If paired with a faucet, the result will be impeccable. Glass-top vanities are prominent in today‚Äôs homes and the decorating world. They add a beautiful modern look to your bathroom spaces.



There is not one single home design that doesn’t need a stylish bathroom idea completed with a modern vanity unit. From the ultra-contemporary designs to rustic wood with modern vessel sinks, we have evidently seen and adored them all. Choosing the right one can be a challenging task. That is why we have outlined a variety of contemporary bathroom styles to choose from.

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