Important Reasons Why You Need Custom Luggage Tags


Custom luggage tags are usually the last thing most people remember to get when preparing for a trip. Everyone is particular about the luggage itself and less bothered with the tags. That brings me to the question ‘are PVC leather tags really important’? For people like myself who like orderliness and do not like to look for things, my answer is yes. The many benefits of having PU luggage tags cannot be overemphasized. 


What Are Custom Luggage Tags?

Luggage tags are a form of identification for bags and suitcases. They are more like an ID for luggage. Whether one is traveling by road, air, sea or rail, tags serve the same purpose – identification. The ability to identify your bags at an airport is easier using luggage tags.

Types of Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are usually made from various materials. They can also range from basic traditional tags to electronic luggage tags. Here are a few examples of luggage tags: 

  • Plastic luggage tags; 

These tags are easy to swap from one luggage to another and are reusable. They are usually transparent with a piece of paper in it where you can write basic information.

  • Paper luggage tags; 

They are not durable and are very useful for trips. It is not possible to transfer them from luggage to luggage. Often times airlines give them out at check-in.

  • Metal luggage tags; 

They are pretty hard and very durable. This makes them a perfect choice for people who travel very often. You could have your name, email and phone number engraved on it.

  • Leather luggage tags; 

These usually come in very stylish forms. They are mostly used as a form of a fashion statement on suitcases (learn more) and bags. They are durable and reusable too.


What Information Should Be On Your Luggage Tag?

It is not enough to get your bags and suitcases labeled with fancy custom luggage tags. A blank tag is as good as no tag. Imagine an ID card without a name or a passport photograph, who are we identifying? Luggage tags usually come with space for basic information. This space helps to identify luggage and its owner. Information that should be on PVC leather tags includes; name, email address, and phone number. These are basic and should be sufficient enough to help track you or your luggage if it ever gets missing. Do not put details like social security number or car registration number on your tag. They are too fragile information to put on a luggage tag that anyone can stumble upon. 


Reasons Why You Need Custom Luggage Tags

PU luggage tags help to keep your hand luggage, carry-ons, and large bags safe. There are a couple of reasons why custom luggage tags are important for your trip. They are:

  • It is easy to identify your luggage.
  • Less risk of luggage theft.
  • Easy recovery if luggage gets missing.
  • Luggage tracking is easier.
  • It Is Easy To Identify Your Luggage;

This is the main reason why tags were made, for identification. On a flight, the probability that you would be the only one with your kind of suitcase or travel bag is about 0.2. This means there is about 80% chance that some other persons are carrying the same suitcase as you too. So, you see, without these tags how would you identify your own luggage? I like that I can identify my luggage among a whole lot of other luggage by sighting my colorful luggage tags.

  • Less Risk of Luggage theft;

Yeah, there goes a popular saying ‘to catch a thief, you have to think like a thief’. If you had a job to steal luggage on a trip, would you rather steal one with luggage tags or an unlabeled bag? I know right? Me too. No one would want to go through with the embarrassment in the event that they get caught. It is much easier to say ‘oh, that was a mistake’ when you are found with an unlabeled bag, it is quite forgivable. Being found with a bag tagged with PVC leather tags, that is a very different scenario. Everyone would like to go with the easy way out, including a luggage thief.

  • Easy Recovery If Luggage Gets Missing;

Usually, your PU luggage tags help to make sure that your bags and suitcases don’t get missing. But sometimes there could be misdirection such as during a connecting flight. Flight attendants may mix up luggage and there might be a problem finding your luggage. If you do have a luggage tag on your bag, it would be easier for the airline to find and return your luggage to you. Once, while I was on a flight to New York, a passenger left her bag at the airport before check-in. She had a lot of luggage and she left one out. Luckily for her, she had a PU leather tag on the bag. All she had to do was inform the flight attendants. They then informed the appropriate authorities at the airport and they found her bag. If there had not been a tag, it would have been a tedious and futile effort locating her luggage.

  • Luggage Tracking Is Easier;

Most luggage tags come with inbuilt trackers which apps control. Some airlines also have apps that help to track luggage. With this kind of luggage tracker, you are able to get information on where your bag is. You can also get to know where it is headed, and also estimate the time your luggage arrives.



The last thing anyone wants is the hassle of finding missing luggage. It does not matter whether it is a road trip, a family vacation or a business trip. Custom luggage tags are very important in ensuring a seamless and stress-free trip. Whether they are PVC leather tags or PU luggage tags, it will serve its purpose. This purpose is the identification of your luggage. Luggage tag gives a sense of security and peace to travelers. They are usually readily available and cheap. If you have any demand for custom luggage tags, welcome to inquire us here.

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