Do Personalized Lockets Still Rock?


With all the advancements in fashion and technology, one might wonder if Lockets and personalisierte kette are still in style. As surprising as it is, they are very much still in vogue.

Lockets have always had sentimental values. This is probably why even after many centuries, they still trend. Some people will argue that there isn’t much use for lockets these days.

After all, technology has made it possible for everyone to keep in touch with loved ones and have constant access to pictures. This notwithstanding, there is something quite special about having a locket on.

What a Locket Does

Having a piece of the locket on you says a lot about who you are, especially if you are wearing a certain type. A locket can be used to:

  • Obtain a vintage look depending on your style
  • Show appreciation to whatever or whoever is inside it.
  • Add a bold statement to your dressing

How to Wear a Locket For Various Occasions

If you were gifted with a beautiful locket or you recently bought one from a jewelry store, you will want to know to rock them. Below are some ideas on how to wear a locket.

Daily Casual

Almost every design of a locket will look good in your casual attire. They add a touch of elegance to your usual daily attire and you can use them for work or other daily activities.

Note that larger lockets are more conspicuous although they still work fine for most casual outfits.


For formal occasions, it is best to have your locket in fine metal and gemstone. It is suitable for formal parties and other occasions that require a level of formality. If you don’t want to look overstated, you can go for the smaller ones.

To enhance other Jewelry

A locket can be worn in combination with other jewelry such as bracelets, rings, earrings, or other necklaces. Mixing lockets with other Jewelry brings out a certain elegance.

Feel free to be creative and explore when you want to style different types of locket. However, endeavor to put into consideration the neckline of your outfit. This is because not every neckline will go well with a long or short locket.


You can wear a locket without any other jewelry. On its own, it can make a stunning piece. It leaves people wondering what is on the inside while they admire the beauty of the outside.

Having gone through the various ways to style a locket, you will agree that you have limitless options. Whether you are wearing it alone or in combination with other jewelry, personalized lockets still rock.


Lockets trended in the past, and it still does today. Even without a keepsake, modern charms, or pictures, you can use lockets for pendant jewelry. If you are interested in keeping up with the modern trend as regards fashion, get yourself a pretty locket to add style to your outfit.

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