Which is the best between Horwin CR6 and CR6 Pro?


Horwin announced the launch of its new line of electric motorcycles to the EICMA 2019 Motorcycle Show. After years of development and collaboration between corporations and inventors from all over the globe, Horwin motorcycles in the UK launched the Horwin CR6 and CR6 Pro. This began a new era in the development of bikes as these two are an improvement in electric motorcycles classified as L3e in Europe. 

In this post, we try and figure out which of the two brands is better than the other.

Horwin CR6

  • An 11KW motor powers the Horwin CR6 electric motorcycle. The mid-drive tops out at a speed of 105 km per hour. Additionally, a 5-speed manual gearbox is tucked around the mid-drive motor.
  • The rear wheel of the Horwin CR6 features a torque power of 300 NM. This power is enough accelerating the electric motorcycle 60 kilometers in just 6 seconds. 
  • The electric motorcycle features a 4KWh battery with battery cells from Panasonic. The batteries can be charged to completion in only 4 hours owing to its dynamic charging process. The Panasonic lithium-ion Panasonic cells offer a range of 150 kilometers and are well protected from short circuits, vibrations on the road, overload, overvoltage, indifference, grave charge, and overheating. Additionally, the batteries come with a 2-year warranty. 
  • The bike also features a cockpit with a large display featuring information on the temperature, speed, driving mode, and other relevant information.
  • Additionally, the bike comes with a CBS braking system that works for even shorter braking distances and sharp corners. 

Horwin CR6 Pro

  • This electric motorcycle comes with an electric motor that accelerated from 0-60 in 5 seconds and has a speed of up to 105 km per hour. The engine is also environmentally friendly.
  • The CR6 Pro has a unique cooling system that uses oil as a coolant. The oil removes excess heat from both the motor and the gearbox and transfers it to the heat-exchange radiator. The cooling process extends the life of the fuel and the powertrain.
  • The CR6 Pro has a unique square wave controller. The controller is reliable, it allows for quick acceleration, at it saves energy. The controller is high performance, and it gives the driver a superior and consistent driving experience. 
  • The ultra-light aluminum and the forging tech combine to make the frame of the electric bike impeccably secure hence making it safe. The gravity balance of the structure also stands out. 
  • The brakes of the CR6 Pro are electronic. The disc brakes are located at the front and the rear to allow for impeccable breaking performance during the driving process. 
  • Additionally, the electric motorcycle features both headlights and taillights with LED technology.

Final Word

Both the Horwin CR6 and CR6 Pro are classically designed electric motorcycles. They both also meet the criteria for 125cc class motorcycles, and they each offer unique and attractive features. However, of the two, the CR6 Pro is more superior as it features a higher motor power, faster speeds, and additional features that make it stand out. 

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