How to Take Care of a Human Hair Wig

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Recently, wigs have become very trendy, and people buy them for various reasons. There are several types to choose from, and whether you want full lace, lace front, or 100% human hair wig,  you are sure to turn heads as your style and confidence are enhanced. Wigs save you a lot of money spent on hair installation and time, with all the salon trips. We discuss points on how to maintain a human hair wigs

How to Maintain a Human Hair Wig

Good quality wigs are such an investment, and knowing how to take care of one is essential. A proper hair routine ensures that your hair unit lasts longer and remains silky and shiny.

  • How to Wash Human Hair Wig

Remove any tangles by gently brushing through the hair. Put the wig in cold water but avoid soaking it and handwash using a mild shampoo and distribute it using a wide-toothed comb. Run the hair under warm water while stroking downwards from top to bottom to work the shampoo into the hair. Do not twist or rub it as this may result in breaking or tangling. Comb while wet, then rinse and pat it dry using a towel. You can hang on a wig stand to air dry it.

  • How to Style a Human Hair Wig

Your wig is designed in a specific style, but there are some variations that you can pick up to change its look. Always use a wig brush or comb and a spray bottle with water to remove static electricity, bringing back its original look. Style variations are achieved by using liquid wig mousse to make basic curls and shine or use a flat or curling iron for tighter curls. Please avoid using the iron often as they cause breaking of the hair. You can also bleach or color the wig as you desire. It is vital to note that, while you can restyle your wig, it is best to take it to a professional to help you.

  • How to Store a Human Hair Wig

Many people usually underrate wig storage, or little to no attention is paid to storing. Storing your wig properly keeps it looking fresh for a more extended period. Keep it away from heat and sunlight, especially if it is colored to prevent dullness. Fold the unit from ear to ear and store it in a plastic bag.

This works best for short and medium lengths. Turn it inside out if it’s short and not styled. If it’s long and styled, braid the ends to prevent tangling. You can also use a hair net to keep the style in place. They come in different sizes, so ensure you pick the right one for your wig. A wig stand, hanger, or mannequin head can be used if available, or you can purchase one depending on your hair length. A mannequin is good for hair with lots of volume or sophisticated styles.


Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs; thus, they need to be taken care of very well and allow them to look good for many years.

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