How To Do A French Curl Braiding Hair


Curling hair might be difficult without sophisticated styling ideas. If you don’t know where to start, start at the top or the bottom. Before tackling this task, it’s vital to know your hair type. The more you know about curling and securing hair, the better your curls will be. We’ve described how to french curl braiding hair below. This will help you curl better.

What Is A French Curl Braiding Hairstyle

French curl braids are a type of box braid that is constructed in a manner comparable to that of the goddess braid. French curl braids are made by braiding hair that has been curled before commencing the process of braiding. This new hairstyle is ideal for any kind of event, be it official or informal since it combines the adaptability of free curls with the protective qualities of braids. In contrast to styles such as goddess braids, French curl braids give the impression of having greater volume and are styled in a wavy manner.

How Long Does A Curling Hair Cost?

People who are considering getting a perm may be curious to learn more about the costs related to doing so, as this topic is relevant to their considerations. The cost of getting your hair permed might fluctuate quite a bit because there is such a diverse range of options available to select from. Having said that, the following is a summary in its most basic form: Although the cost of a perm can range anywhere from $40 to $200, the typical amount that a customer will pay is closer to $80.

How To Do A French Curl Braiding Hair

First, separate your hair down the middle with a comb and fasten it with a clip or hair tie. Second, divide one side’s hair into three equal portions and braid by pulling the outer section in through the centre. Repeat this technique until you reach the nape of the neck or the main section of hair is entirely braided, adding a little bit of the main section to the smaller segment before each cross. The final braid can be pulled off the head and the basic braid extended to the end of the hair, where it can be tied.

Tips To Make Curling Hair Look Good On You

– Comb your hair from the ends up at all times.

– Trim your hair regularly to prevent split ends.

– Define and moisturize curls with the use of “cocktailing” products.

– To maintain curl definition throughout the night, try the “pineapple trick.”

– If you want your curls to look more uniform and have more body, try using a diffuser.


This stylish hairstyle combines free curls and braids. Goddess braids are straight; French curls are wavy.

Perm pricing may interest those considering one. There are several perming options, hence prices vary. First, comb and clip your hair down the middle. Second, separate one side’s hair into three equal sections and braid. Repeat until the nape of the neck or the main portion of hair is braided, adding a piece of the main section before each cross. The final braid can be removed from the head and the basic braid can be fastened.

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