How to Stay Positive


Hello my lovelies! They say that a smile is contagious, and when positivity basically radiates from a person, it’s hard not to get gripped by their warmth. Throughout my life, I’ve been countlessly pegged as the quintessential positive person, always happy and rarely complaining, when in reality I find keeping a smile a daily struggle. My depression depletes my positivity, so I do find it a bit harder than others to look on the bright side. It’s impossible to stay happy all the time, but it’s important to stay positive, whether the situation be good or bad.

It may sound obvious, but strive to find the positive in things. Some people are naturally pessimistic so sometimes it helps to take a step back and think “is this really the end of the world?”

Subsequently, it helps to put things into perspective. It can be so easy to get caught up in the worries and woes of life that sometimes it’s just necessary to take a breath and remember what really matters.

Completely immerse yourself in things you enjoy. Whether it’s jamming to your favourite tune and dancing like no ones watching or hibernating in a hefty duvet fort to binge-watch Netflix in, do what makes you happy and you will soon find your mood elevated.

It’s important to always be kind to yourself. Especially if you’re feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. So, indulge in that well-deserved pamper session, take yourself out for coffee and cake, as it’s important not to wallow in the negativity.

It may sound counter-productive, but don’t be afraid to let it all out. Do you ever find yourself feeling like things have been going so good for so long that something bad is just bound to happen? People tend to bottle things up, however, in the long-run, this can be a dangerous and self-destructive tendency. So grab those tissues and have yourself a good cry.

Reaching out to family and friends can help eradicate any niggling feelings of negativity. You’ll probably find that they struggle with the same issues you do, granting you some comfort and relief that you’re not alone.

Try unplugging from the world and its constant buzz in your ear. Find solace in a good book or practice mindfulness to keep your head in the moment and feet on the ground.

Make a list (because who doesn’t love lists?) of everything you’re grateful for. This will serve as your physical reminder that the good out-ways the bad. Look at it when you’re feeling low and recapture the positivity you felt when writing it.

How do you stay positive?

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