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Hello you lovely lot! Okay so this weekend is already shaping up to be quite excitingly hectic, as not only did Friday mark the revamp of my blog but I also treated myself to a cheeky, spur of the moment tattoo! What sparked this impulsive decision was a mixture of having lusted after a new tattoo for quite some time and discovering via trusty Instagram that there was a guest tattooist coming to Cock a Snook in Newcastle – totally fate, right?
I’ve experienced Cock a Snook’s charm once before, when I got my little deer tattoo on my ankle. They’re a friendly, accommodating tattoo parlour with gorgeous gothic decor inside, I always feel like I’ve been transported to a taxidermists dream whenever I enter. My artist was the lovely Lauren Stephens, originally from Middlesbrough, she was guesting this weekend and specialising in beautiful animal portraits and quirky artwork.
I opted to get a beautiful swallow design on my left thigh that I’d discovered from a vintage Easter card many moons ago. Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, it’s common knowledge that swallow’s are especially iconic in the tattoo world as they were originally donned by sailors as a symbol of their sailing experience. I’ve coveted a swallow tattoo for as long as I can remember, however I didn’t necessarily want the traditional red, blue and yellow one, considering they’re so popular.
The procedure took 2 and a half hours in total, which was immensely impressive considering the tattoo is quite a hefty size. As customary, I always bring along some sweets and chocolate with me to keep my blood sugar from dropping so I don’t suddenly crash during the process. As I’ve had my other thigh tattooed in the past, I was well prepared for the level of pain I was going to experience on my left thigh. A lot of people quiz me with regards to the pain and what it actually feels like and all I can merely describe it as: imagine if a sewing needle was just running up and down your skin for an elongated period of time, to me it’s more annoying than painful.
The 2 and a half hours went by in a blink with the amount of banter and laughs we were having – reminiscing over old anime shows and proclaiming our mutual love for animals. I’m a bit weird because ever since I got my first animal tattoo, I’ve always asked the artist to name them, kind of in commemorative honour of the artist for bestowing me with such a special gift. So, after chattering away about Sailor Moon and Card Captors for the guts of nearly 3 hours, it was easy to see that my swallow would either be dubbed Serena (from Sailor Moon) or Sakura (from Card Captors). After much debate and deliberation, Lauren thought that Sakura would be a more fitting name as it translates to “cherry blossom” in Japanese. So, dear readers, I’d like you to meet Sakura, my newest pride and joy…
Do you have any tattoos?

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