In-Depth Knowledge Of LED T5


There is an LED buzz in the lighting world. But there are also a couple of traditional light sources commanding a significant stage presence. LED T5 is just one of them. This type of lighting was developed as a better version of lighting and an alternative to the T8 fluorescent used for specific applications. Therefore, T5 tubes are known to have a slightly smaller diameter compared to T8.

At the same time, it uses a unique case coupled with a huge ballast. This implies that these light tubes cannot be utilized as direct replacements in the T8 fixtures. Some of the standard applications for LED T5 tube include direct as well as indirect lighting. They are also used in high-bay applications as well as washing in different commercial buildings.

In this article, we take an in-depth comparison of T5 fluorescent and T8 fluorescent.



  • T5 has a smaller diameter lamp which allows for slightly smaller profiles and compact light fixtures
  • It has a small lamp that gives a high source of light coupled with a better optical control-this is compared to the T8
  • It has a small diameter to improve lamp efficacy. Therefore, T5 offers approximately 12 percent lighting improvement compared to your typical T8
  • Perhaps you will also be surprised to learn that it has a higher lumen output. This implies that illuminate larger spaces. Usually, a single lamp exudes up to 6000 lumens. A similar output of light can easily be achieved with just a couple of T5 lamps in addition to lower wattage.

Disadvantage – With this kind of lighting, care has to be taken to minimize the chances of users looking directly into the bulb. That said, the high illuminance of the lamps can vastly cause extreme glare coupled with eye defects. For that reason, TF is often used in direct fixtures.

Linear T5 LED lighting has been used in warehouses and industrial locations. These fixtures are still a significant lighting mainstay for many commercial spaces. People tend to forget that they are not the newest forms of lighting sources. The fluorescent fixtures have also been used in domestic areas. While the current T5 linear installation works fine for several applications, we recommend the use of LED light fixtures for a good reason.


The linear LED lighting fixture has several pros over the conventional T8 as well as T12 lighting. The lamp is prominent for making up the majority of the sales in the lighting industry. Being that it emits more lumens, the linear lighting bulbs are brighter and more useful in darker spaces. T5 has additional appealing facets. As technology advances, it makes more sense to reevaluate the old technology and then come up with viable decisions regarding the best. As people continue to settle for modern technology, they are choosing new kinds of lighting too. It is vital to understand why-LED is still the better option. It is economical and more efficient. It also has a better user experience. Therefore, it is time to upgrade. Feel free talking to us, and we will assist you in upgrading T5 to LED.

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