how to install led lights for walk in cooler doors

LED lights for cooler doors

Running a business is not an easy task. If care is not taken, you may end up spending a lot of money running the company than the income attained from the business. One backing factor to the high cost of running a business is the cost of electricity. Statistics show that lighting provides between twenty to fifty percent of the total electricity usage in business. For companies that use walk-in coolers like food-related businesses, light in the walk-in coolers increases these costs.

For this reason, led lights for cooler doors continue to increase in popularity. Before the emergence of LED lights, most businesses used fluorescent lights. Such companies now have to install led lights for a walk for cooler doors in place of the latter. 

LED lights for cooler doors

How to install led lights for walk-in cooler doors

There are various steps for installing led lights on walk-in cooler doors. If you walk in cooler previously had a metal halide lamp of the bulb, before embarking on installation, you have to remove these bulbs. Make sure to remove the entire fixture, including the ballasts. This will pave the way for the installation of a new led display case fixture. Having done that, you can now embark on the steps.

LED lights for cooler doors

They include; 

1. Installing the mounting clip

This is the first step towards installing led lights on walk-in cooler doors. The first thing would be to locate the mounting clip. The mounting clip is usually found where the lamps are to be installed. The lights are installed using screws. Once you have located the mounting clips, you have to check the stability of the clip. This is to make sure that it cannot be loosened or shaken. 

2. Fixing the lamps

When fixing the lamps, make sure that the bulbs are aligned to the mounting clip on the back of the tube. Once this is done. Make sure to jam the tubing firmly into the clip. This is to ensure that it does not fall off, or it is not left hanging loosely. This should be easy. However, if it is not, make sure to hire a professional. 

3. Connecting the lamps

LED lights for cooler doors

If you are planning on installing more than one lamp, you have to use both male and female joint cables to connect them. Make sure that you are not using more than two hundred and fifty watts. This will help in the conservation of energy and keep the lights from affecting the cooling function of the cooler. Once this is done, turn on the power to ensure that the lamps are well connected and installed. 

Bottom Line

Certain features are specific to led lights for walk-in cooler doors, and some of those features include echo friendliness, cost-efficiency, and ease of installation. These lights are also cost-efficient and low maintenance. The element of low energy consumption is standard in all forms of led lights. Cooler lights help to promote customer purchase and restore the color of the products in the cooler. 

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