Review: Wreck This Journal!

Hello my lovelies! Hope everyone’s having a good week, but let us all rejoice that it’s nearly the weekend – HUZZAH! Anyways, this week I decided to pop into Waterstones for a browse (even though I have a Kindle Fire, I still love walking in and taking a random sniff of new books), and that’s when I stumbled across this little beauty!
Admittedly, I’ve had a fair few versions of ‘Wreck This Journal’ in my time, since I first discovered it calling out to me in Urban Outfitters a few years ago. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this intuitive piece of creative literature, it’s basically a journal which instructs you to dismantle it in your own individual, imaginative way! So, for all of you book-loathers out there, this is the perfect chance for you to really get stuck into a good book (and destroy it!).
I find the book itself to be so quirky and intriguing that it’s no wonder that this is my fifth copy! As can be seen above, the overall style of the book is that of a doodle which encourages the reader more to scribble away at the pages! Even from the very start of the book, it invites the readers to partake in silly little challenges. So, instead of having the conventional “this book belongs to…” Keri Smith pushes the boundaries of the imagination by asking the reader to write your name backwards, or in very large letters and so on.
With my first few versions, I remember that I used the journal as a creative outlet more than anything else, whereby I’d have it water-coloured and collaged and illustrated until it was absolutely perfect. However, this got very tiresome so after a while, I just began to downright abuse it, which I found was so much more enjoyable *evil laughs*
The book is filled with so many weird and wonderful tasks that it’s practically impossible to tire of it. I actually like to think of it as being a statement of myself, it’s a way of expressing myself and therefore reflects what kind of person I am. That’s why if you’re ever feeling lost for inspiration on how to best tackle a page, just look at some other people’s exciting interpretations on Tumblr – everyone’s is different in their own weird and wacky way!

The book presents brilliant little challenges like “Glue in a photo of yourself you dislike. DEFACE” so if you’re every feeling stressed or anxious, if a fantastic way to vent your emotions and get it all out there on paper! I honestly couldn’t recommend this book more highly, if you’re a hobbyist, a creative soul or just looking for something fun and different to do, it’s a brilliant way to spend your time. And by the end of it, you’ll come out with something so unique and personal that you can treasure forever 🙂
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