Safety Tips to Using a Percussion Massager

Percussion Massager

Whether you are an athlete, or you spend a lot of time sitting at your office or home desk, you will find that at the end of the day you are fatigued and stressed.

Well, this is where massage comes in the form of a percussion massager a handheld massaging device. It is a modernized form of massaging where you get to massage yourself without visiting a massage parlour. But doing it at the comfort of your home brings about safety concerns.

Here are essentials tips to help you use your home percussion massager safely.

  • Use on Muscular Body Regions Only

Massaging is aimed at relaxing the body muscles to relieve fatigue and stress. Percussion massagers should only be used in muscular areas of your body. Avoid using it on the head, or chest as they are vital organs that can be injured and cause severe complications. Likewise, you should not use it on injured parts, especially those with stitches as it can open the wounds causing further damage.

  • Read User Manual Carefully

Like any other device, it is imperative to read the percussion massager user manual carefully to know how to operate the device. By reading it, you will be able to understand the dos and don’ts of using it. This way, you guarantee your safety and device durability. You can access the manual guide online from the manufacturers’ website.

  • Use as Per Your Medical Doctor’s Instruction

Ensure that you use the massager as per the instruction given by your medical doctor, especially if you have a significant injury or an underlying medical condition. Doing so will prevent you from developing complications. It is recommended to use massage in the intended area no longer than 2 minutes.

If you have been directed to use it once a day for 30 minutes, then it is good to follow through with that. Overusing it might result in you bruising your skin and damaging your muscles. If you cannot massage yourself, then have someone else do it for you.

  • Do Not Use If You Have Implanted Medical Devices

Most medical devices that are implanted in the body are electronic and need not be interfered with to avoid transmitting inaccurate data. By using the massager on your body, the vibrations can interfere with the implanted device function.

For instance, if you have a cardiac pacemaker, then you should not use the massager as this can affect how the device functions resulting in a cardiac arrest.

  • Stop If You Feel Persistent Pain

You must be observant each time you are using the percussion massager. Generally, you will notice that the massaged areas will be a bit pinkish, or reddish, which is normal. However, if your skin becomes inflamed or reddish for a long time or you feel excessive pain, then you should stop immediately and consult your doctor. Do not continue using it if you are feeling pain in the muscular areas.

  • Repair or Replace Broken Parts

Using a percussion massager that is faulty or not working well should be avoided. For instance, if the rubber is worn-out replace it immediately to avoid damaging your muscles due to excessive force caused by the vibrations. The rubber acts as a cushion, so without it, then you risk exposing your muscles to injuries.

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