Are You Wearing Your Crossbody Canvas Bags Right?


Crossbody canvas bags are very practical and stylish ways to carry the items that you need. They look like shoulder bags but with longer straps because you carry them across your body. The strap runs from one shoulder to your hip on the opposite side. This leaves your hands free and you can walk around without worrying that your bag will slip off your shoulders. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors.

For ladies, fashion and style are important. The crossbody canvas bags must be flattering for their outfit or their body shape as well. So what are the right ways to choose and carry a canvas crossbody bag?

Get unstructured crossbody canvas bags

Unstructured crossbody canvas bags or those that do not have a solid frame are the best. This allows the bag to drape around your body shape. The weight will also rest better on your hips. Structured crossbody bags will just add more bulk to your overall look and this can be very unflattering.

Size does matter

Consider your height and built when choosing a crossbody bag. If you are tall and on the heavy side, a small or petite bag would get lost and be unnoticed. If you are small, an oversized crossbody bag will take all the attention away. A medium-sized bag is considered as the most ideal since it can work with any body shape and height. The medium-sized canvas crossbody bag is large enough to hold everything you will need but small enough to not take away the attention from your outfit.

Find the right placement

When getting crossbody bags, it is best to get ones with adjustable straps so you can adjust its placement and length. Position the bag higher than your hip can make you look shorter while positioning the bag lower than your hip can actually drag your shoulders down, especially if you are carrying heavy items. The best way is to have the bag resting squarely on your hip. This is not only a flattering placement but also makes your bag accessible.

What about color?

If you want a bag that goes with everything, it is best to stick with neutrals like browns, blacks, whites, grays, and tans. These colors can go with any outfit you have on. If you want your bags to stand out, then do some contrasts. If you have a dark outfit, get a bright-colored bag. If you wear a lot of earth colors like browns and greens, a white canvas bag works great. The choice is yours! There are so many options to choose from! Since canvas bags are cheaper than the usual bags, you can even get a neutral one, a bright colored one, and a pastel one so you have no problem mixing and matching with your outfit!

How about patterns?

Plain crossbody bags are the safest choice if you want them to match anything. A patterned bag with a patterned outfit is an eyesore. So, if you have on an outfit with lots of prints or patterns, it is best to use a plain bag. You can use a patterned bag when you are wearing a plain outfit.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that you should consider when purchasing a crossbody canvas bag. With these tips in mind, you will surely choose one that is flattering to your body and your fashion style!

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