What Are The Functions Of A Medical Smartwatch?


Smartwatches are simple in design. The simple design does not limit their important use. Furthermore, the watch 3 specifications consist of biosensors with several medical applications, meaning that watch 3 can be used in clinical settings. Currently, most people are keen on maintaining their health and fitness. Thus, medical smartwatches are in high demand. This post, therefore, aims to inform you of 6 applications of a medical smartwatch.

Six applications of a medical smartwatch

1. Provide wearers with medical data

The medical smartwatch can be used to provide medical caregivers with a patient’s data. The best merit of the watch is that it can collect data daily. Therefore, the daily medical data can help doctors and caregivers understand how patients are performing. Furthermore, the medical smartwatch has a great probability of detecting the onset of chronic diseases attack like diabetes.

2. Electrocardiogram app

The electrocardiogram app is commonly known as the ECG. It is usually found in the best smartwatches on the market. Its work is to detect whether the wearer has an irregular heartbeat resulting in significant stroke risk.

Additionally, the app has been tested and is FDA approved. Thus, its heart monitoring feature is accurate. ECG functions by measuring the strength and timing of the electrical pulses; the electrical pulses ensure that your heart pumps. To work effectively, you need first to launch the app then place your finger against the sensor. The sensors then detect your heartbeat. A normal heartbeat will state sinus rhythm.

3. Detect whether the wearer has any respiratory problems

The best medical smartwatch in the market has an SPO2 sensor. The SPO2 sensor is also referred to as a pulse oximeter. The best benefit of the sensor is that it detects any breathing problems the wearer may have. Any breathing problems can be a great symbol of lung disease. To get the blood oxygen level, go to the health app on your smartwatch, then go to blood oxygen. Generally, a normal oxygen level is between 95% and 100%. If the oxygen levels read below 95%, ensure to visit a doctor.

4. Encourage wearers to try out an active lifestyle

Recently, a study was conducted on the lifestyle of smartwatch wearers. The research concluded that 57% of the wearers turn to an active lifestyle after purchasing the watch. The smartwatches come with a fitness tracking app. Thus, many smartwatch wearers want to maximize the smartwatch fully, thus actively turn to work out. Exercising is crucial for maintaining good health. Therefore, a smartwatch saves time and money spent going to the doctor with issues such as obesity.

5. Detect sleep patterns

Quality sleep is crucial for one’s wellbeing. The best smartwatch can detect the quality of sleep. It can also determine how many times one wakes up during the night. Furthermore, the smartwatch can also help gather data that can show whether the wearer is suffering from sleep apnea or not.

6. Set medical reminders

For people with regular medications, the smartwatch is crucial in setting reminders. It is crucial always to follow a doctor’s advice. Therefore, one can set alarms on when to get the medications.


Smartwatches are fitted with features that enable medical tracking. Furthermore, the data collected can act as a warning about the onset of chronic disease. Also, the data may be presented to a healthcare provider for analysis. Therefore, a medical smartwatch is a crucial watch to own.

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