What do you need to do a diamond painting?


Diamond painting art is now the talk of the town. Before you get yourself immersed in the art of creating diamond paintings, you should get yourself acquainted with the supplies that you need to use. How to make your personalized diamond painting is something you need to have a full grasp of before you delve into the world of diamond painting. The first thing is the selection of gemstones that you will be using for creating the work of art. You can use round drills that don’t line up with one another and produce a glittery painting. The other type is square drills that require the painter to carefully use a tool to line up the stones together in a perfect form. Square drills tend to produce paintings that look more precise.

If you paint your face on the canvas, it will look like a mosaic. Round drills can produce highly abstract paintings that have a beauty of their own. The choice is yours. The best way to satisfy your thirst for art is to create two paintings, each with different types of gemstones.

Drill Types

I have discussed the two types of drills in the first section of the article. There are other types of drills as well that you can use to give your paintings a more radiating feel. The first type is 3D drills that usually possess three facets on each side. There are nine facets in total. Then there are five drills that consist of five facets. In total, there will be 15 facets. 5D drills are considered more eye-catching and glittery, and they are common in the diamond painting. That’s why painters have given a unique name to paintings that are produced by 5D drills. The common term for the diamond panting is popularly known as 5D painting.


The placement of individual gems such as the square drills demands concentration and focus. 5D painters don’t realize how many hours have gone by when they are creating a painting for themselves. That’s the reason many people name diamond painting as something that is meditative, soothing for the brain, and relaxing. It is one of the soothing crafts and arts for the people who have some free time from work. Use art as a medicine to cure different diseases of the brain.

The Canvas

The canvas of a diamond painting is the most important tool. Each diamond painting canvas has a background. There are no gems on the canvas. If you want the background image of the canvas to be more appealing, you can buy a full-drill canvas that already is filled with drills. However, the drills only are on the spaces that carry the background image. A full-drill canvas is hard to complete. It usually takes more time to complete. The other type of canvas is a partial drill canvas that only has parts of the background images covered with drills. Partial drill campuses look more striking when they are finished because only specific areas of the canvas draw the attention of the viewer. If you are looking forward to gifting a diamond painting to a friend, you should opt for a partial drill canvas.

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