What to Wear Over Evening Dresses When Cold


The glam doesn’t stop because it is cold outside. You should not hang up your gown and take rain checks because you might end up with a cold. Whether it is a wedding event, a formal dinner, or you prefer wearing dresses to pants, there is no reason why you cannot wear your gowns anytime you wish to, even in winter.

The only trick to master is how to layer up and do it stylishly. This is why we have compiled some of the best ways to up your sexy evening gowns this winter. Once you learn how to apply these methods, you might be amazed by just how excellent the outcome will be.

Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are scarves that serve as neck accessories and do the job of a blanket. This means that you can dress chic and still be protected from the cold. Blanket scarves are a statement on their own, from plaid colors to custom-made designs. You can opt for different sizes, depending on the size of your evening dress.

You can pair a red blanket scarf with a black gown or a silver cocktail dress for a chic and fashion-forward look or a black oversized blanket scarf to go with any color of clothing you choose to wear. Depending on how cold it is, you can either drape the scarf around your neck or let it hang. You can also fold it in layers for more warmth.

Coats and Boots

The right combination of coats and boots is guaranteed to keep you warm, whether you are in or out. It is where functionality meets design. Whether it is faux fur or a checked coat, as long as it complements the color of your evening dress, you are good.

High black boots should be paired with dresses above calf-length and low boots with dresses that have longer skirts.

When choosing coats and boots for your evening gown, avoid picking colors that will clash and loud colors all-around. A green dress and a yellow jacket with red boots will have you looking like the rainbow, and nobody wants that. Instead, pair a bright-colored gown with a subtle colored coat and boots to keep the attention on your evening dress.

Leather Jackets and Blazers

It might sound unusual but adding a leather jacket to create your ensemble is an excellent idea. A body-fitted gown with a leather jacket is a fashion statement explored by few people and might be the very thing you need to create a trend for sexy evening gowns. You can also opt for a blazer to transform a traditional cocktail dress into something even better.

These leather jackets and blazers come in different styles and sizes, giving you the freedom to be creative and cold-proof.


Want to keep warm this winter and still rock a fantastic evening gown? Then you should try out any of the combinations we have discussed here. Rest assured that the result will be something fantastic.

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