Colored Contact Lenses Knowledge


Colored contact lenses are becoming more and more popular each and every year. The reason why everyone’s been loving them is quite obvious: they are functional and pretty. You can switch up your eye color whenever you feel like it and look your best when going out to the club, on dinners, or just during your everyday life. Contact lenses can look subtle, bold, or super dramatic, depending on the look that you are going for. If you are eager and you want to learn a thing or two more about colored contacts then keep on reading!

TTDeye from Colored Contacts
TTDeye from Colored Contacts

What You Should Know

Before you proceed with your purchase, here are several things that you need to know about colored contact lenses, such as:

  1. The Right Color

There are hundreds of different types and styles that you can purchase. This also means that you will definitely find something that suits you. Also, always make sure to adjust your lenses to your preferences. For instance, if it is Halloween night and you have a specific costume in mind you can choose the best color in order to match your outfit.

  1. Their Comfort Level

Contact lenses are thicker than your regular lenses. If you are someone who is really sensitive you might have some problems, at first. In time you will get used to it.

  1. Brown Eyes Percentage

Did you know that almost 70% of people in the world have darker eyes? Brown and black eyes are the most common type, so no wonder you may want to switch up you ”basic” color every once in a while.

  1. Better Than Surgery

This is a lot better option than the surgery. If you are someone who thinks that some other eye color will look better on you then do proceed with your purchase.

  1. Never Share Your Lenses

You might think that switching colors with your friends is a fun experience, but it is a big no. Exchanging them can cause bacteria and other sorts of infections, you should definitely avoid it. Also, never use cheap colored contacts

since they can cause irritations around your eyes.

  1. How Often Should You Wear Them

Once you get them for the first time you should wear them as little as possible, for starters. Wear them a few hours per day and avoid having watery or red eyes.

TTDeye from Colored Contacts
TTDeye from Colored Contacts
  • How To Take Care Of Them?

  • Wash and Rinse

Use your mild soap and rinse your hands. You need them to be as clean as possible before proceeding with the appliance process.

  • Sterile

Rinse the lenses with a sterile soap or lotion. Never use water (especially tap water) since this is not sterile.

  • Nails

Keeping your fingernails as short as possible is a must. You will need to place the contacts as smoothly as possible, and you can hurt or scratch yourself unintentionally with longer nails.

  • Check Up

Make sure that your lenses are clean and damage free before placing them.

Match Your Hair Color To Your Colored Contact Lenses

Wondering what color will look the best on you? Here are some guidelines:

Brown Hair- Women who have brown hair are lucky because they can wear any color they feel like. Get your favorite color contact lenses and wear them with style.

Blonde Hair- Blonde hair will make your eyes pop if you have deep brown or chocolate brown lenses. Darker colors look lovely with lighter colors, so this is a killer combination for sure.

Black Hair- Make sure you get blue colored contacts if you have black hair. A hint of lighter color will look stunning if you are on a lookout for that pop of color. If not, you can stick to brown lenses and have your natural and simple look.

Red Hair- Green color will look lovely once mixed in with red. This is a fierce combination that will look hot no matter how old you are or where you are off to.

How Much Do They Cost?

The most asked question is probably this one, and it is for a good reason. Investing your own money into colored eye contacts should be your next step if you are planning on wearing them at least once a week. The price will depend on several different factors, such as the place of your purchase. Always buy contacts that have positive reviews and that have been highly rated on the Internet. Never go for the cheapest option either, it cannot end well.

Mostly, single colored lenses are less expensive than mixed colored ones. Prices can go from $10 (these are disposable). Rather get some more expensive ones and re-use them.

TTDeye from Colored Contacts
TTDeye from Colored Contacts

Best Colored Contacts

If you want to truly enjoy your colored contact lenses you should check out this site. They have a lot to offer, and they have a lot of positive reviews. Also, they are not cheap nor super expensive either.




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