Hello my lovelies! They say that a smile is contagious, and when positivity basically radiates from a person, it's hard not to get gripped by their warmth. Throughout my life, I've been countlessly pegged as the quintessential positive person, always happy and rarely complaining, when in reality I find...

Bare Minerals – Marvelous Moxie

I received these products a while ago but because they don’t really go together they’ve been sitting, waiting to be written up.  The lip...

DIY: Rainbow collar/cardigan clips!

Hello my lovelies, it's been a while! Hope you've all been keeping well and have been soaking up the springtime sun (with hopefully not...

Secrets to keeping your Teeth Whiter

Other than poor dental hygiene practices, your teeth may turn grey or yellow due to aging. You might see this as usual, but the...

Are You Wearing Your Crossbody Canvas Bags Right?

Crossbody canvas bags are very practical and stylish ways to carry the items that you need. They look like shoulder bags but with longer straps...
Home Security System

Primary Steps To Install Wireless Security Cameras At Home

Technology has advanced significantly over the years. At the moment, people can make use of wireless security cameras to monitor their homes, offices, and...

Engraved Necklace: 6 Convincing Facts To Buy One

Jewelry has been a symbolic and a signature of fashion especially for women. Some most of the popular jewelry that is always ranked as...

Maintenance of personalized leather bracelets

Bracelets are so versatile, and they accommodate diverse designs. Bracelets are circular bands used around the wrist, usually made for decorative purposes. Bracelets can...

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