A closure wig is a half wig. This means that it only covers the front of your head, from ear to ear. The rest of the head is left open. Closure wigs are common because they provide a natural look on the hairline section. They are an excellent type of...

YSL Glossy Stain VS L’Oreal GlamShine Stain Splash

When I decided to bite the bullet and finally buy a Glossy Stain from YSL the first thing I couldn’t wait to do (other...

Why Are Frontal Wigs So Popular Now?

The beauty industry has grown immensely over the years. The hair market is among the leading businesses in this industry due to the many...
custom mirror stickers

Ways to Remove Stickers and Sticker Residue

Peeling off stickers (know more) from price tags, cars, labels, custom mirror stickers, etc. can be messy. This is because they tend to leave...

How to Stay Positive

Hello my lovelies! They say that a smile is contagious, and when positivity basically radiates from a person, it's hard not to get gripped...

Common Styles For Deep Wave Hair For You

The hair extensions market is one of the most thriving industries in existence. This is primarily because of the increase in the application of...
Online Gaming

These 5 Online Gaming Rules are for everyone

The internet is a great place to do a lot of things, from meeting people online through social media, and also engaging in a...

Secrets to keeping your Teeth Whiter

Other than poor dental hygiene practices, your teeth may turn grey or yellow due to aging. You might see this as usual, but the...

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