Tips To Ensure You Choose the Right Socks for Use


Socks are a necessary addition in a personal wardrobe. From pairing them up with jeans, casual wear and even suits, socks have become an exciting way to add pomp to an everyday outfit. However, as you might have realized, socks are much more than a fashion statement. Effectively, they are used as a means to provide temperature regulation. This means they regulate and keep moisture from your feet while at the same time protecting your feet. For you to choose the correct sock manufacturers, below is a simple guide on what you should consider when choosing your personal right socks.

As not all type of socks are suitable for every situation, choosing the correct type of socks means considering the type of material for example;

  1. Synthetic

As the commonest type of socks in the market, synthetic socks are lauded for the large variety it offers. With synthetic socks, you are assured of quality socks that are capable of wicking moisture away from your feet. These socks type do a splendid job by adding warmth while remaining breathable. Unfortunately, you can only use them once as they stink after a few hours of use.

  1. Silk

If you are into casual wear, silk is an impressive choice as they offer the perfect weight ratio to warmth. As it’s not bulky, silk is a fantastic choice for layering under clothes. What’s more, silk socks don’t irritate the skin; they provide an all-day comfort ware. However, as with the others, the downfall of silk socks is that it retains heat and hence can be uncomfortable to wear in a hot environment.

right socks
right socks
  1. Cashmere

Often used to make luxury brands in socks, cashmere material made socks are worn for dressy occasions. As it’s less bulky than wool but a bit heavier than silk, cashmere is a great choice to invest in. Nevertheless, even as they offer great feel, durability and high performance they happen to be less common and a bit expensive than the rest.

  1. Cotton

Socks made in pure cotton are also available in the market throughout the world. With the ability to warm you up fast, they are a splendid choice for quick insulation from cold. However, even as they are heavy and thick, cotton socks are only suitable for use in the low activity area. This is because they lose their ability to insulate when they are wet turning cold and clammy.

  1. Merino wool

Finally, the ideal socks to invest in are socks made in Merino wool as its beauty and performance are unrivalled. Since Merino wool allows the broadest range of temperature, you can use the same set of socks for cold nights to blazing hot days. What’s more, you can wear the same socks for a whole day and night as it doesn’t smell hence the perfect investment for more extended wear.

right socks
right socks


When choosing socks that you can invest in from different Sock manufacturers taking into consideration the durability, quality and the weather is essential.  Nonetheless, just as important is the type of occasion that it is meant for. For formal occasions stick to neutral colours like bottle green, burgundy, medium grey, charcoal grey and black while choosing fun-loving colors for casual occasions. In all, look at the type of activity that you are going to take in for socks that will be ideal for all occasions.

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