How to Do Different Curls with Your Hair Curler Wand

3. curling hair

The hair curler wand is probably the most versatile hair product in the market today. If you are a girl who loves doing waves and curls – this could be your new best friend! It can change your looks dramatically from messy tousled waves to old Hollywood glam!

Here are a list of some of the curls and waves that you can achieve with a curling wand set:

Natural waves

To achieve natural waves, you have to hold the hair curler wand with the tip facing downwards. You wrap your hair around the wand starting with the base or near the roots then finish in a way that the ends of your hair are wrapped around the tip of the wand.

Loose waves

For looser waves, here is a quick fix. Tie your hair up in a high ponytail. Then, curl your ponytail with your hair curler wand. Wait for your curls to cool down before you take down your ponytail. Mist with hairspray right after.

Tight curls

For girls who love tight curls, you have to hold your hair curler wand horizontally while using it. When you start curling your hair, do it in small sections at a time. This may take you longer than usual but the end result will be worth it.

Loose curls

If you want looser curls, the hair curler wand can also do that for you. This time, hold the wand vertically when you start curling your hair. Curl larger sections of hair at a time.

Voluminous curls

If you like curling your hair because you need more volume, your hair curler wand can deliver natural looking voluminous curls. All you have to do is curl your hair away from your face. When doing so, curl your hair in a clockwise direction on the right side of your face and counterclockwise on the left side of the face.

Classic Hollywood glamour waves

No hairstyle is as classy and glamorous than the old Hollywood glam. If you want to achieve this look for a special occasion, your hair curler wand is a reliable tool. All you have to do is curl a 1-inch section of your hair then coil the curl into a ring shape and pin it to your head. Once you are done curling and pinning every section of your hair, spritz your entire head with hairspray. Wait for your hair to cool down before removing the pins. Then, use a bristle brush to lightly brush out your curls.

To make your curls last longer, every time you slide your curled hair off the wand, cup the section in your hand to help them cool down. If you want them to hold and last till the evening, pin the curl to your head and keep it that way until your hair has cooled down.

As you can see, you can rock different looks with a trusty hair curler wand in your hand. This is a definite step up from the original hair iron.

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