8 Common Weight Lifting Accessories


Weight lifting is a form of strength training that develops the strength and size of the muscles. Weight lifting accessories enable you to work out effectively, provided you understand how they are used. Some of them are must-haves like gloves, while others are optional and depend on your preference. Lifting weights is for bodybuilders and other adults seeking to gain lean muscle and reduce body fat. Check out poids musculation for the best lifting equipment. In his extract, we discuss the types of weight lifting accessories.

1. Gloves

The gloves help the user to have a firm grip and stop the weight from slipping. Training with bare hands can cause calluses’ development due to friction between the weight and your hands. Ensure you get the correct size. The large size will not help your grip, leading to accidents and discomfort. The gloves are available in various styles and fabrics; therefore, select what suits you.

2. Weight Belt

It is a thick leather band tied around the waist to stabilize your trunk during heavy lifting or movements. Wearing one is optional unless you have a back problem. Invest in a good belt that has similar width all around to apply pressure from the front. After buying the belt, always remember to pay attention to your form. Lift with your legs and not back to avoid any severe injuries.

3. Knee Wraps

They offer extra support during the performance of squats or powerlifting. If you experience knee pain, this is the perfect accessory for you. Choose a fit that is snug and firm to keep it in place.

4. Lifting Straps

The straps are tied around the wrist and onto your palm. The loose end is attached to the weight, helping you support your grip. Straps are prone to wear and tear and should be checked and replaced often.

5. Chains

Chains are prevalent in gyms dominated by men and are used to acquire resistance. They are functional and beneficial but are not necessary for everyone. No matter which movement you are performing, i.e., squats, deadlifts, etc., if you are not taking part in strength sports, chains don’t do much to your body.

6. Bands

Bands function in a similar way to chains but are more versatile. Anyone can use them, but they are more beneficial to serious weight lifters. They have different elasticity levels and come in a variety of colors.

7. Foam Roller

This is a self-massaging tool that relaxes tensed muscles. When buying, look for relatively soft ones since a rigid foam will cause you pain, not relaxation. Various foam rollers have different surfaces. Seek the help of a gym expert to understand the type you need, how to use it, and its benefits.

8. Wrist Wraps

When worn correctly, they keep the wrist straight during weight lifting. Wear one that is firm but not too tight to prevent numbing of the hand. They come in various styles, so find one that works for you.


Weight lifting equipment is essential, and you can purchase them before working out. However, if you don’t understand or know what to get, ask for assistance. Also, allow yourself to identify what you need through experience.

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