Who Should Use Dumbbells And Why?


Dumbbells, known in France as haltere, are some of the most common and easiest exercise tools to use. They are also highly versatile and can be applied in a wide array of exercises. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that they offer numerous benefits. Therefore, in this post, we discuss the benefits of dumbbells. 

Why use dumbbells?

Below are five of the main reasons why dumbbells make great workout tools;

1. They assist with muscle growth

One of the main reasons why using dumbells is advisable is because they help with muscle growth. They provide two forms of overload that result in muscle growth. The first one is the mechanic overload. This type of overload occurs when the dumbbells cause muscle contractions. The contractions help stimulate the process of repair, leading to increased muscle size.

The second form of overload is metabolic. Metabolic overload happens when the muscle is fatigued from working with the dumbbells. Muscle fatigue causes the adaptation of the muscle cells. This means that they can store more glycogen. By doing so, it helps increase muscle size.

Note that heavier dumbbells are more likely to generate metabolic overload as opposed to their counterparts. Dumbbells work better when it comes to promoting muscle growth when they are combined with high reps.

2. They promote muscle activation

Another benefit of using dumbbells is that they create inter and intramuscular coordination, leading to increased muscle activation. Intermuscular coordination refers to various muscles within your body working together to produce and stabilize motion along the joints.

On the other hand, intramuscular coordination refers to the amount of muscle unit and muscle fibers attached to them that are activated inside a precise muscle. Using dumbbells can help increase the number of muscle fibers that are activated inside the muscle hence promoting more muscle activation.

3. Dumbbells are friendly on the joints

Compared to barbells, exercising with dumbbells is more joint-friendly. They are not as hard on the elbow and shoulders because they allow the arms to move more naturally. This means that you can turn and rotate your arms, reducing the pressure on your elbows and shoulders. This benefit makes dumbbells more comfortable than their counterparts.

4. They promote unilateral training

Using dumbbells allows you to do the same amount of work on both limbs. This is essential when you suffer from strength imbalance caused by working out one limb more than the other. With a dumbbell, you can ensure to work out both your limbs at the same level.

Who would benefit from dumbbells the most?

Anyone can use dumbbells. However, they are an excellent option for beat-up trainees suffering from nagging injuries since they do not strain the body too much and gives it time to heal. Old trainees above the age of 40 who are looking to slow down would also benefit significantly from these exercise tools. Dumbbells are also perfect exercise tools for people who want to start strength training on a lower and lighter level.


Another advantage of using dumbbells for working out is that they do not take up a lot of space. This means that you can have them at home or in the office without worrying about where to store them.

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