How Long Will Your Braided Wigs Last?


Just like that food in a can, your braided wig has a shelf life. There is this notion that says just because hair has a shelf life; you should trim it based on a particular schedule. For example, after every two months, you should restyle the hair. But how do you determine the shelf life of your braided wig? Until it is installed in your hair, braided wigs have no shelf life. But the manufacturer gives most of the brands up to one year if used regularly.

Going back to the basics

A hair strand comes with a scientific structure. Its outer layer, the cuticle, has a cortex. It is also known as the medulla and efficiently responds to various things such as cold water, chemicals, and others by opening and closing. It may also degenerate, and this depends on what you do to the strand. Regardless of how you decide to look at it, the hair strand reacts, and it does not regenerate like various biological processes in the body.

If you are a visual person, then here is something that can help you understand this better. If you have mini twists and decide to release one and not the other for some reason, you could rip it apart before it causes physical damage to the strands. That can give them a fried-like look.

The damage will remain there until the hair strand is patched up with some protein to add a few elements that will stick to the hair strand, such as protein but cannot heal itself. This implies that the hair will be intact if you do not do something that can cause damage to it. Therefore, the shelf life will be endless. If you wash the wig and then dry and moisturize it, your hair will undergo some damage level.

The material of your braided wig

One crucial factor that affects the lifespan of your braided wig is its material. Averagely, the lifespan of a human hair braided wig is longer than that of synthetic hair. Braided wigs for black women made from human hair should barely tangle or shed. They would also need little to no maintenance since they have not undergone chemical processing. The cuticles are also intact. Synthetic wigs made from various synthetic materials have a short lifespan. Even so, they are budget-friendly.

Taking care of your braided wig to prolong its lifespan

In the past, say ten years ago, saying that braided wigs would be this popular would have sounded weird. But today, people appreciate the hair type since it has become popular among women, given that it needs less maintenance than other styles. Other than enhancing your appearance, braided wigs are popular because they are easy to maintain. If you are a frequent wearer, then you need to arm yourself with hair care tips. Averagely, if properly taken care of, your braided wig can last up to 10 months.

Final Thoughts

One of the best parts about your braided wigs is that they can be removed during bedtime. Therefore, you do not need to sleep on them because sleeping can entangle the hair. To prolong its shelf life, you should always care for the hair.

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