Tips for taking care of your personalised bracelet

personalised bracelet

Taking care of bracelets is imperative to ensure that they do not blemish from the effects of water, beauty products, or mechanical abrasion. Bracelets are made from delicate materials like opals, emeralds, pearls, coral, and turquoise that can damage easily.

So, how do you go about taking care of your new personalized bracelet? Here are a few things to consider.

Keep it Clean Always

Have you ever wondered why bracelets look tarnished and worn-out after being worn some time? Well, it is because of a lack of proper cleaning. The accumulation of beauty products, perfumes, dust, and sweat tend to damage your bracelets by tainting and discolouring it.

Therefore, cleaning it once a week or every day will help to keep your personalized bracelet sparkling. When cleaning it, use soft cotton wool or a microfiber cloth with clean water. If your bracelet has gemstones on it, run water through it, and then wipe gently over the stones.

For a metallic bracelet, you can wipe with a dry smooth cloth to prevent rust developing. If possible, you can have it polished by a professional to keep its sheen.

Use Appropriate Cleaners

Since personalized bracelets are made from delicate materials such as natural stones, pearls, silver, gold, and leather, their cleaning needs to be done with a lot of keenness. Harsh soaps, acids-based products, and lemon are not recommended as they will corrode and discolour the bracelet materials.

Use clean soft cotton wool or a softly bristled toothbrush with water, mild soap, and dry it thoroughly especially if your bracelet is made from Gold, Silver, Pearls, and Gemstones. If it is made from leather, it will be best if you wipe it clean with a dry and soft cloth as water will make leather bands become loose.

Avoid Showering or Swimming with Your Personalised Bracelet

One thing with jewellery is that when exposed to water and bathing soaps they start to tarnish or lose their spark. For instance, when a birthstone bangle with engraving or infinity name bracelet is exposed to chemicals such as soaps and shampoos the stones may get damaged. Scum when dry becomes hard to remove. Additionally, the steam can also loosen your bracelet straps due to rusting making it break easily and lose its sheen.

Put in mind, that while swimming, you may also lose the pieces of the bracelet that are attached to it such as beadings and gemstones. Visit for magnificent pieces of bracelets.

Store It in a Clean and Safe Area

Bracelets, like other jewellery pieces, require to be kept properly. Placing your personalized bracelet in a dry, clean, and secure area will save on the cost of fixing or repairing it when it is damaged or replacing should it get lost.

Look for an unusable box or a small pouch where you can place your bracelet with your other jewellery pieces when you are not wearing it. Keeping your personalized bracelet in good shape is the best gift you can give yourself.

Wear it on Occasions

Bracelets are a fashion piece and should be worn when you are going out for an occasion, work, or date. To ensure it retains its glow avoid wearing it while doing hard tasks such as carrying heavy loads, exercising, and other tasks that will require you to hold onto hard surfaces.

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