What Should You Do If You Don’t Have A Phone Case And Your Phone Cracks?

Protective Phone Cases

As phones become more and more portable, they become more exposed to potential risks of damage associated with everyday bumps and drops. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. For this reason, it’s advisable that you protect your phone using a protective case to avoid any repair costs associated with fixing broken phones. Different stores that sell cell phone accessories that you can use to protect your phones such as screen protectors and phone covers. The stylish cases for iPhone 11 Pro max do a lot in cushioning your phone during impact as it falls.

How Do I Go About Choosing The Right Phone Case?

A good phone case should offer full coverage around the edges of the phone. Most are made using shock-absorbent materials like rubber or silicon. Plastic covers are not very effective in protecting your phone as they do not absorb the shock well and end up transferring the impact onto the phone.

First of all, consider your needs. If you work in an aquatic environment, think of ways to protect your phone from water damage. There are some cases that have waterproof capabilities and can withstand the pressure underwater up to specific depths.

Secondly, if you’re someone who likes to constantly stretch the limits of the phone battery, find a case that doubles up as a charger.

Again, if you’re a forgetful person, there’s something for you too. Wallet phone cases can fit your phone along with other necessities like your ID that you always seem to forget.

Lastly, if you’re confident that your phone is only prone to minor accidents, get a slim case that shows off your phone’s sleek design. On the other hand, if your phone is more prone to major accidents and needs heavy-duty protection, get a thicker and bulkier cover.


In Addition To A Phone Case, How Important Is A Screen Protector?

Broken phone screens are a common sight in the everyday life of a phone repair shop attendant. The damage may range anywhere between a slight crack to a completely shattered screen. A glass screen protector adheres directly to the screen surface and works by deflecting scratches.  

For maximum protection, use a screen protector together with a phone case. A screen protector cannot protect the phone if an impact is applied from the corners or sides.

What To Do If Your Phone Gets Damaged Despite The Fact That It Had A Protective Phone Case?

The most important thing to do is to make sure that you stay safe; away from the sharp broken glass. After that, you need to assess the damage so that you can choose the best repair option. There are three options:

  • Fix it yourself

If you’re tech-savvy, and the damage is not so much then you can carry on with this delicate procedure.

  • Take it to the local repair shop

This option is the most common. Find a reputable repair shop in your locality and have them fix your phone. Ensure that you have read some reviews about the place before going to them.

  • Leave it unfixed

If the phone is damaged beyond repair, consider buying a new phone.

Protective Phone Case and phone


It’s our hope that this article not only helped you understand the importance of getting a protective cover for your phone but also gave you some tips on how to choose the right one. However, if you keep searching but cannot find a phone case that suits all your needs, visit a local phone accessory store and ask them to customize a phone case for you. It’s very frustrating when your phone gets cracked so we wish you all the best in keeping it protected even though no case is 100% foolproof.

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